Minichronicles: Filming the power of life!

Minichronicle is a method that teaches people to capture other people’s life stories in short films. The project is led by experienced documentary filmmakers.


Minichronicles are moving. They bring ordinary people’s extraordinary stories to life.


Minichronicles connect people. People with different backgrounds gain insights into each other’s lives.


Minichronicles keep stories from villagers alive.




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Teamborrel! Een leuke nabespreking over de Minikronieken première en een toast om een succesvol project te vieren! 🍻 ... Bekijk meer..Bekijk minder...

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Uit onze community van oud-cursisten waren vandaag weer vele helpende handen aanwezig die bijdroegen aan een geslaagde première.
Dank jullie allemaal, tot de volgende Minikronieken!
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'Herboren' is a self portrait by Shohreh F. She had lots ups and down, and faced different challenges in her life. Islamic revolution in iran. Her marriage and then divorce breaks her apart. She was attacked seriously by a man in Iran. Even though the attacker attempted to kill her, due to Islamic laws in Iran, the attacker got away, and instead, Shohreh was accused in the court. For that reason she left Iran. But her faith in God pushed her to keep going. Since her immigration from Iran to the Netherlands, she tries to rebuild her life, like getting a broken puzzle together.
Shohreh gets to know Christianity and she is Reborn. This time she rebuilds her life with the help of God.

Deze film is te zien op 19 mei 2019 bij de première van Minikronieken.
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