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You can support us in several ways, with donations, sponsorship, and likes. Read how to support usbelow!

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Become a social sponsor

A company that makes a social contribution is highly appreciated. Your company can be one of Minichronicle’s sponsors. This gives you the opportunity to enroll your employees as participants.


How does it benefit your organization?

  • Have your name mentioned in the credits of the film
  • Positive advertising as a socially responsible entrepreneur
  • The ability to create a Minichronicle of on of your employees for promotional purposes.
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Start your own Minichronicle project!

By creating your own project, you can decide who is going to tell their story, and who is going to participate in the filmmaking course. For example, ask your participant or interns to follow the filmmaking course. Afterward, they will be able to make films about your volunteers or employees, who can talk about their jobs with passion and enthusiasm.


You can decide where and when the premiere takes place. You can invite people from your organization and your network and you can also invite the residents and directors of the city council that your organization is located in.


You’re not alone! The Minichronicle team helps you with the organization and an active campaign in order to get the necessary funds.


What you get in return thanks to Minichronicle:

  • An original, unique and authentic business promotion
  • An active online promotion of your Minichronicle project
  • More brand awareness of your MVO
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