Become a social sponsor

Corporate social responsibility companies are being more and more appreciated. Entrepreneurs with active MVO policy can benefit from it. You can do that too!Minichronical project is offering you the opportunity to become a social sponsor.


Minichronical is teaches its participant to make a sort film about other people’s lives with basic tools, like smartphone. The storyteller shows his powerful skills in short film of no more than 10 minutes. for example he or she talks about his or her life with passion and fire and show how they overcome all the obstacles in their lives.

Sponsorship options

  • 150 euros: Register a participant to learn films, eg a company employee.

  • 250 euro: Being mentioned on the website, the Facebook page and during the premiere in the municipality of your choice.

  • 750 euros: A Minichronicle about one of your company’s employee.

  • 1500 euros: You become Minichronicle’s main partner. You can promote yourself as partner and mention it in all your platforms. You will receive two Minichronicles about the people of your choice. They will be shown on the website, during the premiere and all the Minichronicle expositions.

    *Appropriate choices based on the project’s         goal