The Minicronicle method

Minichronicles are short films about resilience and the different ways in which people overcome challenges in their lives.

The films are made by amateur filmmakers with minimal supplies such as smartphones and simple video-editing software.

The accessible workshops are given by experienced documentary filmmakers. Participants learn how to interview someone, how to film with a smartphone and how to edit videos. During the workshops, the participants work towards creating a complete film about someone else’s life story.

The way that participants learn to film and interview is designed to portray someone in a positive light. Minichronical is unique because storytelling principles in film are combined with conversational techniques used in coaching. By combining the two, Minichronical aims to bring to light the vitality and energy that every person possesses.

Target groups

Participants can be divided into two groups with two different levels of knowledge: the first category is the amateur filmmakers that want to explore the possibilities of videography and increase their skills in this area. There are many amateur filmmakers that volunteer at their local TV station with the goal to create items that can be broadcast. The other category consists of novice filmmakers and artists from other disciplines who want to learn videography and explore the possibilities of this medium.


Another specific target group is young state-owned residents (refugees with a residence permit) who are building a future in the Netherlands. There are many that have the talent and an interest in this field. Their participation can help their integration and increase their chances for admission to an art or media education.


Participants’ native language has been taken into account: participants that cannot yet speak Dutch fluently are provided with a professional filmmaker who speaks their native tongue and supports them throughout the whole project. This will be taken into account when dividing the groups.

The methodology behind Minichronicle aims to bring people with different backgrounds together and generates attention for local themes and initiatives. By participating in a Minichronicle project, civil initiatives, non-profit institutions and socially responsible companies (MVO’s) establish themselves as a leading example in the area.


Required level of knowledge for participation

The Minichronicle method is about using your own strength and creativity to bring a story to life without being held back by complicated techniques or expensive equipment. The participants learn basic camera skills, which allows them to film professionally with smartphones. It is important that the students are able to use a computer or work with someone who is able to work with a computer. Help will be provided to participants during the workshops. The participants will be given a lot of different practical exercises and the teachers provide them with verbal and visual examples. There won’t be any written assignments; the only thing participants are expected to do is to practice filming at home and to collect video and audio content in order to create a collage. 


The purpose of Minichronicle

The Minichronicle method is about making films as well as self reflection and understanding. The participants share their life experiences with one another and explain why they made certain choices in their lives. By sharing their life stories, participants become more aware of themselves and others.

Therefore, there will be a lot of focus on “interviewing someone without assuming.” By asking objective questions, the filmmakers learn to enter their interviewee’s world without judging.

The creator

The Minicronicle method was created by filmmaker Masja de Roy. It’s her mission to help people in a vulnerable position so that they can fully participate in society. Masja has a background as a social worker and combined her knowledge of conversational techniques from positive psychology, with storytelling techniques from film. 

Contact: Masja de Roy (CIMPA-T, Mediaburo voor Meedoen)

E: T: 06-17834418

Due to the innovative and artistic character of the Minichronicle method, the foundation of Nieuwe Twentse Kunst has incorporated the project into its portfolio.