Mini Chronicles international exchange with schools

An educational exchange of life stories in film, between schoolchildren in different countries

Broadens the worldview of schoolchildren

As part of methodology development for education, Mini Chronicles offers international exchanges with schools in countries where the English language is spoken. Giving students the opportunity to talk to peers in another culture can broaden their worldview.

With Mini Chronicles, bridges are built and prejudices are removed, through personal contact and the exchange of life stories between people from different countries and cultures. Students can learn from each other’s cultures and explore what life is like in another country and culture. They can get ideas and discover that their peers in the partner country have the same desires and dreams as they do. They can make friendships. All this contributes to citizenship, talent development and personal development of young people.

Teachers and students from both countries will discover how education works in another country. Their perception of education can be very different. This is interesting and inspiring for both teachers and students. For schools, this provides an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with an international partner school.


In an international exchange between high schools, the cultural-educational method “Mini Chronicles” is used as a tool for talent development and connection. This includes on-site training in film making for teachers and students. The exchange between scholars takes place in online meetings. Video cameras and computers will be purchased and become the property of the schools.

The project will start with classes given in both countries, teachers and students training in filming, interviewing and editing, according to the teaching method Mini Chronicles. And they choose as the main character for their Mini Chronicle a student or colleague from the partner school, from whom they conduct the interview via a video link. At the same time, the interview is recorded on location with a video camera in good quality. In doing so, the on-location students film their daily lives on behalf of the students at the partner school and send all the footage via the Internet to the students overseas, who edit films from it.

The projects aim to exchange knowledge and expertise
– School teachers learn to work according to the Mini Chronicles method and in what ways they can use it in their teaching.
– The schools experience how to embed such an exchange into their annual programs and their curricula.
– Local media professionals become coaches in the Mini Chronicles method and are used to serve as film coaches to the students.

Masja de Roy