Premiere Assink Lyceum 31-3-2022

Everyone is welcome at the film premiere of the Assink Lyceum in Neede, on March 31, 2022. Location is the school’s theater on Julianastraat.

Check out the teasers of the films with description below!

The films are shown in 4 blocks, in between there is a break with a drink. You are welcome to attend one or more film blocks.

The times are above each block.

Film block 1: 12:30 – 13:15

Artist to the end

Creators: Ryan, Emirhan, Cem

In this mini chronicle Anton ter Braak tells how he got into art. After his work as a teacher, he became a sculptor. How long do you think he will continue?


The fireworks accident

Creators: Kyano, Sven, Bo

Sander te Spenke, 51, had a fireworks accident when he was 16. In his mini chronicle he tells how it happened and how he is dealing with it now. As an information officer he now tries to protect people against the danger of fireworks.

Firefighter in heart and soul

Makers: Luuk, Lejf, Thijke

In this mini chronicle Dennis Elbersen tells about his work at the fire brigade in Haaksbergen. The monster truck drama was a big event in his life.

Film block 2: 13.30 – 14:15

Every child is unique

Creators: Yari, Majed, Sett

In this mini-chronicle Kim Beusink talks about working in special education. This is her great passion, she has wanted to do this since childhood.

On the way to gold

Creators: Jestin, Gerhard, Timo:

Naomi Overkamp tells in this mini chronicle how she goes for gold.
What did she have to give up for it and what does she get in return?

Forever in our hearts

Makers: Anouk, Nikki, Roos, Tygo

The 42-year-old Christiaan Hoftijzer talks about the loss of his wife, mother of his children. Cycling the Alpe d’Huzes has meant a lot to him.

Film block 3: 14:30 – 15:15

Hope through photography

Makers: Esmee, Anne, Bobien

Erika Klein Kranenberg stopped working in healthcare to start as a memorial photographer. She follows people in their final stages of life. Would you step into this beautiful but emotional profession?

Don’t see the glass half empty but half full

Makers: Sophie, Guusje, Fay

Martine Leuveld from Hengevelde thought she had a normal life until she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 12. The consequences of this give her life new twists and turns. In the end, she decides to start working for a good cause.

life moves fast’

Makers: Senn, Bas, Luc

Teacher Daan Bomhof has many hobbies. When his parents die shortly after each other, he discovers how valuable it is that he was able to take care of them during their last phase of life.

Film block 4: 15:30 – 16:15

Always cheerful

Creators: Mink, Senna, Milo

In the mini chronicle always cheerful we see how the disabled Fieke leads her daily life. The challenge for her family is to let her learn things in small steps. Despite her handicap, she is always happy and we can all learn something from that. For privacy reasons, this film will only be shown during the premiere and will not be published on the internet.

Adopted from Brazil

Makers: Christel, Cedine, Melissa

In this mini chronicle, the Twentse Adriaan tells how he was adopted by his Dutch parents as a baby of eight months. He is committed to a Brazilian children’s home through which he gets to know his origins. He is now curious to find his biological parents.

Rowing with the oars of Riny

Makers: Milan, Floris, Mik

Riny Eichelsheim (68) is a butcher by trade. His hobby is football. He’s had a few rough years. How heavy would this be?

Make it a somersault

Creators: Yeremi, Figo, Rohan

Ambulance nurse Dorien tells about her daily work in this mini chronicle. She has wanted to do this work since childhood. There are sometimes difficult situations that are mentally tough. She can handle this work with her colleagues. With her positive personality, she continues to enjoy her job. For privacy reasons, this film will only be shown during the premiere and will not be published on the internet.

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