Information for organisations

Support culture and contact with Minichronicle

Do you want your clients to shine a film or do you want to provide a further education for your staff or student in the film of interviewing and filmmaking? Then be a part of Minichronicle project in which people learn to make a short film about someone else life.

A powerful story told with creativity

The students learn to work with new media in a creative way and the storyteller profile a positive and powerful story in their 5 to 10 minutes film. They attach the film to their job application, but it is also suitable for carers who want to know their clients better or as a gift for the loved ones.

Your organisation in the spotlight

Arts and culture provide connection and social quality in cities and neighborhoods. By participating in Minichronicle you will contribute to the cause. Media and culture sector showed a lot of interest in Minichronicle project, therefore, your organisation can also benefit from it.

We also hold a  premiere where all the film will be shown publicly, we will provide you with PR material which you can send off.

How to contribute?

You can introduce student and/ or narrators. For example, a volunteer in your organisation would like to make a short documentary about a client who wants to share his special life experience.

You can also contribute with a venue, where we can give the course or a suitable place for the film premiere.

What do we offer you?

· Public attention for your organization on social media and websites

· New social networks

· Complete delivery of PR, quality control, and project organization

How much it costs?

The cost depends on the number of participants and the extent of how much the local organisation can provide by itself. We train an average of 12 filmmakers in each group. During a Minichronicle premiere night, we play 12 films. The organization requires approximately 32 hours in a 12-week time frame.

The costs are partly covered by contributions from the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund and the Cultural Participation Fund. This is complemented by financial contributions from the organizations that take out the film portraits and from companies and individuals and the possibility to create a crowdfunding campaign for you. Sponsorship is also sought in the form of facilities such as a classroom and a theater for the premiere.