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Would you like to feature in a film in which you tell us how you build your new future? And would you be happy to have your film featured in public and online?


If yes, sign up as a ‘Storyteller’ for the Minichronicle project ‘director in your new world’ and get interviewed by a course participant who will create your movie!


A group of newcomers and Dutch participants will follow a course that teaches them how to make movies featuring the life of someone who has overcome his/her hardships. Every newcomer chooses a Dutch participant to feature in his/her film and every Dutch person chooses a newcomer. The directors will take the course, the storytellers won’t.


The theme of this series of Minichronicles is regaining the direction of your life after going through a rough time. Almost everyone has been in difficult situations in his or her life. The main characters will tell us how they ended up in their situation and how they, in their own special way, overcame the challenges in their lives.



The films will be made from November 2018 – January 2019.

The premiere takes places on the 10th of March 2019 in the Kulturhus Borne. The films will be featured on the Minichronicle website. This is where you can also find the films from previous Minichronicle projects:




There is a limited demand for Storytellers. The directors can choose who they want to feature in their films.




You can sign up until the 29th of October. You will be informed whether you are selected as a storyteller or not. You might be called to receive more information.


More information can be found at


Questions can be asked by emailing


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